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Maybe you are a new bee to this topic but before you think you are a perfect coder, a good designer or an excellent team leader here’s something important for you in this read. If you haven’t heard about buzzword Agile because you are a beginner and you don’t know much about it because you are not among the professional web developers yet and abruptly without much focus on technical stances than this article will prove you as a torchbearer.

It seems that we are not well aware of what exactly Professional Web Development Services provider do to your requirements then you consider them professional and you are spellbound to what they do to your innovated idea while developing your web application/website development. Before touching realities let’s begin with Introduction of Agile and Waterfall model and in what scenarios they are chosen.

Why, When, Where to use Agile?

Agile is a software development methodology which is when executed can make you sure of excellent team coordination, a product that has potential users, and a project with appropriate cost and time. It actually works with small delivery sets. It entertains team coordination and scrum meetings that last for less than 15 minutes long to check the status of every individual team member working. Code sprints are the developers those focus on the building a dynamic business that needs to be continuously developed, evolve and adapt. Here is the figure that is giving the real demonstration of this process.

This process makes easy to discover features of your product. It is one must step used in professional website development. The agile process can create a never-ending loop that many different aspects. The finished product at the end we get is completely different from what it was planned at the beginning. Mismanaged activities can greatly overburden the budget and time expectations.


Why, When, Where to use WaterFall?

It is basically a sequential set of activities or approach of software development. It also requires intensive beforehand planning to make sure that no creeping requirements should be there in the middle of the software development where there it becomes nearly impossible to accumulate. This approach leads to faster results and client satisfaction as it supports continuous client involvement. This includes complete planning of resources required, time estimation, the cost required and the possible fluctuations that a software development process can afford. Below described the complete demonstration of how this model works.

However, this process designed also comes with own series of problems. While dealing with a business that continuously evolves and requires adaption can lead to scope creeping, a budget that can hit with the client’s evolving needs. Re-entering into phases of waterfall method can often lead to over budget problem.

So what is a right approach for you? What do you think about WagilFall? Is this professionally accepted; the combination of two? Many Web Development Services have coined their own linked titles to it. Somewhere it is called as Nimble or Wet Agile. Combining these two can act great but again comes with some compulsions.

It is highly recommended to spend an appropriate amount of effort in planning and exercising the waterfall approach. Once planning is completed estimation and re-estimation of the total cost can be done. Professional code sprinters do the proper estimation. If there are new tasks and user’s creeping requirements on the way and he wants them to get by any means are added to a bucket list. The main goal in such situation is to bring both developers and the client on the same page by maximum negotiation of changes required. After this evolving into an Agile approach to enhance the website and add al items of bucket systematically and responding to the user needs. This is how this process looks.

This two key components of this process are to understand the goals of the site developed and limiting the initial stand-ups to the core of business drivers. This appropriate technology framework needs to be chosen properly in order to bring required uniqueness and adaptability in end product.

All Agile, Scrum, and waterfall are used in Top Web Design Companies as they required a team of professionals. If you are really want to get a demonstration of such working environment then hire the Coding pixel. It has an excellent team, working from last 6 years and delivering the best optimum software development solutions in a cost-effective manner.

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