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In this 21st century, we have with us the most powerful device, that is, a smart phone. Every day the device is evolving and becoming smarter. The device is so powerful that it keeps people connected across the world. So, with great power that the device gives us, we have some responsibility to look after it. For an

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Screen Protectors are one of the best accessories for smart phones. They are made to protect the big 5 inches to 6 inches touch screens from breaking. The screen protector also has other purposes. Irrrespective of whether you are an Apple user or an Android user, screen protectors are meant for all. From IPhone x max glass screen protector to iphone 8 plus glass screen protector, you can get everything you need online.

In this article, you are going to come across different types of screen protectors and their advantages. Some of the most common screen protectors have been mentioned below.

  • Tempered Glass:

These types of protectors are also known as toughened glass and are physically and thermally stronger than normal glass. These types of screen protectors are made by chemical and thermal treatments, which make the glass stronger in strength compared to a normal glass. When met with an accident, the tempered glass breaks down into small pieces that are too small to damage the display of your phone. These are also cheap and easily replaceable.

  • PET Plastic:

These types of protectors are made up of a special kind of plastic known as polyethylene terephthalate. These are plastic protectors and do not give the feel of glass. They are very cheap and easily available. PET plastic protectors are scratch-proof, which means that they do not allow fingerprints to settle.

  • Multilayered Screen Protector:

These types of screen protectors have multiple layers of glass, which give more strength to the protector. It is a type of tempered glass, but it is stronger than tempered glass. As the name suggests, the multiple layers are attached one above the other, giving a robust framework to the protector. This protector is very durable and can withstand strong hard shocks.

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  • Ultra-clear screen protector:

These are transparent protectors and are precisely designed to fit the phone screen. These protectors provide a sharp and clear view of the phone display. You can see your phone screen properly even in the daytime as these protectors can reflect UV Rays from the sun. This increases the battery life as you do not need to pull up the brightness bar of your phone when you have the sun over you.

  • Mirror Screen Protector:

These types of protectors give your phone screen a tough cage and protect it from scratches. These protectors do not allow dirt to settle on your phone screen. As the name suggests, it also acts as a mirror when the phone is not in use.

These were a few types of smartphone screen protectors. Read about the pros and cons before buying any of them as there are many protectors available in the market and every protector is not worth buying. Protecting your iphone from damage is essential, since breaking the screen and having to replace it would cost a significant amount of money. Therefore, purchase glass iphone 7 plus screen protector and other devices to make your device last longer.


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