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If you somehow happened to be available into the centre of any expansive technology meeting and yell out things again Macintoshes PCs or for Microsoft PCs chances are that you could begin an uproar. The contention between supports of Apple and Windows has seethed on school grounds, Internet message boards and social networks. It is one such kind of a discussion that welcomes wars and actually flame wars to be more precise.

So make yourself flame resistant and find out more about this discussion by swimming directly into it. While the term PC remains for Personal Computer and but it could apply to Macs, Windows machines and PCs running other working frameworks alike. But usually it is used for a computer system and that’s why gets confusing when people go for Mac Computer Repair.

Given the enthusiasm regularly shown by owners of the PCs of the two brands, you might be astounded to realize what a little share of the worldwide PC market Apple really controls. While the offers of iPhones, iPads an iPods give a solid lift to general earning and overall income of Apple, Macs represent under 5 percent of PCs used around the world. All in all, which one do you think is better – Mac or PC? Find out yourself through the contrasts among Macs and PCs and choose for yourself.

Structure and Design

On the off chance that you experienced childhood during the 1980s, the idea of configuration may appear like a shallow and insignificant part of a personal computer. Be that as it may, the plan, structure and design are major point of differentiator among PCs and Macs. For the majority of three decades, the former CEO of Apple Steve Jobs concentrated on the outward appearance of the products of his company. His enthusiasm to design the products were unmatched by his rivals. The one of a kind design and unique structure that came about because of this enthusiasm and obsession has given the products from Apple or MAC products the “hip” picture that they enjoy even in the present time and age.


A standout amongst the most as often as possible referred to contrasts among Macs and PCs is cost factor. Scarcely, any Mac items sell for under $1,000, while there are many PC models that fall inside above mentioned range of price. In any case, this doesn’t really imply that Macs are more costly than PCs with comparative specifications. Or maybe, when all is said in done, Apple has assembled its Mac line around higher-end PCs with better – and all the more expensive – components. No wonder, Macs are expensive but then these are not meant for people of all economic backgrounds.

Specialized Specifications

The specialized particulars offered by Macs and PCs can be fundamentally the same as or altogether different, contingent upon which brand and line you are looking at. While they both have comparable interior parts such as RAM, processors, video cards, hard drives, the speed and limit of these segments differ. Macintoshes will by and large beat low-end PCs, on the grounds that the Apple product offerings ordinarily gloat more costly and better-quality parts. Contrasting Macs and higher-end PCs is somewhat more troublesome. By and large, however, Macs have quicker processors than their Windows partners yet will in general hold back marginally with regards to RAM, USB ports and hard disk space.


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